Do you have too much junk?

If you are unable to move into your garage? The highest chances are, you need a junk removal service asap. Call us!

What will Outlaw Junk take from my property?

We can take any and all the items listed on our services page. You can call us if you do not see anything. We do not handle hazardous waste.

Do you offer “Free Estimates”?

Yes. We provide free estimates. To schedule a free quote, call us at 505-633-2000 today.

What do you do with all the rubbish and junk that you remove?

Outlaw Junk is an environmentally conscious company, who recycles over 60% of the materials we remove. We recycle and donate the junk that might be reusable and dispose of the rest of the junk at the junk station.

Do I have to pack up and prepare the items or junk I want to be removed?

Absolutely not! You do not have to bring any items to the curb. We will collect the items from anywhere on your property—examples: garage, attic, office, basement, apartment, home, store, and yard.

Will you come inside the property to pick up my unwanted materials?

Yes! Just indicate the items or things you want to get removed, and our professionally trained teams will remove your items efficiently and quickly. We do all the loading, heavy lifting, and hauling away.

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